The Booty Blast Workout

By: March 19, 2010 43 Comments

Some women (or men) are just born with great asses. Their booty genetics are the cream of the crop and they are able to show it off in tight jeans and hot yoga pants… but what if you don’t have awesome booty dna? Then what?

Well then you must work your ass off (pun intended). This is a workout I made for Charlotte over at TheGreatFitnessExperiment, and she will not only be doing the workout, she will be doing it with a couple of her friends and will be taking pictures in the process. How fucking cool is that?Working out with a friend has plenty of advantages, so I suggest you do the same. Also, for those that might be at a beginner stage, or intermediate stage, make sure you visit her blog soon because that’s where the detailed exercise descriptions will be hosted.

Here’s the basic workout:

Golden Rule: Rest 90 seconds between each exercise and 60 seconds between each set.

R = Reps
S = Sets
mx = Maximum Reps (Till failure)
/ = Divides the # of reps you need to do per set

Workout 1: Standing Kickbacks
S = 3 (per leg)
R = 20/20/mxskickbacks

Workout 2: Deep Hack Squat
S = 3
R = 15/20/mxhack_squat

Workout 3: Assisted Roundhouse Kick
S = 3 (per leg)
R = 15/20/mxaroundkick

Workout 4: Hip Abductions
S = 3 (per leg)
R = mx/mx/mxhipabductors

Workout 5: Barbell Butt Bridge (Or hump the ceiling)
S = 4
R = 20/30/mx/mxbuttbridge

Workout 6: Eat Smart!
S = unlimited
R = forever

One final thing I want you to realize is that just like abs, a great butt will be hiding behind a layer of fat… unless you get rid of it. Doing this workout will surely give you a powerful bum, and will give it the “tightness” it needs to stay firm… but if you really wanan “show it off” then you need to realize that your eating habits are just as crucial. Unleash your spectacular ass by eating right AND doing my workouts… and expect to be complimented and stalked – Every girls dream.


- FitJerk

P.S – Yes, those illustrations are hand-drawn using my mad skills. Though, as awesome as I am, I don’t think I see graphic design in my future.

Also, be sure to check out the brand new Social Fitness Site called Fitmarker!

About the Author:

Turns fat asses into good looking bad asses. Also a National deadlift record holder and the undisputed flip-cup champion. If you want to train under him, Click Here to fill out an application, and he just may consider working with you.

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  1. Will look forward to Charlotte’s posts on this! I use the cable cuff on the cable machine for my abd/add/butt along with squats, lunges, step ups & more.. oh heck, you know I do a bunch of stuff!!!! Can’t quite tell what that roundhouse kick is. I think I know but will google it anyway.

    Good stuff!

    PS: Going to post your guest post for me Monday!

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      Jody, you did kickboxing right? Well it’s the same thing. In Karate its called “roundhouse” kick, in kickboxing they just call it “round kick”… same shit, different pile. Know what I’m saying? But yeah I bet you know exactly how to do it, it’s just that with this drill variation, it KILLS since you aren’t allowed to drop your leg.

      And guest post, yeah can’t wait to see the reactions on THAT one. It’s a good litmus test to let me see how open-minded some can be.

  2. lees shizzle says:

    I stumbled your ass… you booty boi

  3. Hey! Stumbled over here thanks to Charlotte. I’ll come along for the ride but may not be at the gym for that hack squat- how about barbell squats?

  4. Christina says:

    I stumbled here via Charlotte @GFE and I have to say I love your raw writing style, it’s hilarious! Going to try this workout at the gym tomorrow, my butt thanks you in advance!

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      Respect. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea but glad to see you get some value out of what I hammer out.

      As for the workout, how’d it go? Report back and let everyone know.

      • Christina says:

        Oh my gosh… my butt was in incredible pain the next day… thanks! I love the workout and have incorporated it into my weekly routine. It wasn\’t too difficult and didn\’t make me feel ridiculous at the gym but is incredibly effective. It took me awhile to figure out how much weight I was supposed to be using and that varies by day but other than that it was easy to follow and gave my backside a great workout.

        One question… should I do one set of each exercise and then repeat the circuit or do all 3 sets of each exercise before moving onto the next?

  5. Andrea A.K.A. Crazy fitness chick says:

    I as well as the rest of the crew here am coming on over due to TGFE. Heading to the gym as soon as I’m done typing. Love your website already and am looking forward to you TRYING to kick my ass to the next level :)
    One thought…I’m assuming the resistance should be fit level apporiate but are we to start off heavy and finish light, or go moderate and stay at the same weight right through?
    I’m going with the later for today and will let you know.
    In my head I’m thinking easy peasy…haha but I know better!

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      Whats up Andrea. Yes, I’ll be kicking your ass… could you ask for a bigger privilege? ;)

      As for resistance, yes it should be skill specific, but it doesn’t need to stay static. You can drop set it or progressive overload it every set if you wish. Do whatever makes it challenging. I mean if you’re gona be there humping your hips… might as well make sure its doing your ass some good. right?

      Let me know how it went. Aftermath pictures are welcome.

  6. Will says:

    ummmm… Hello!!! I didnt even get to the post, my eyes were just drawn to the pic up top lol. I need one of those for our site!!

    Fitness Achievement

  7. Andrea A.K.A. Crazy fitness chick says:

    It was totally challenging! Pictures?? Are you crazy!? So, I signed up and bought your e-book. I just finished reading it last night, it was great. I can’t wait to get started on the Fat Burner…which will be in 5 hrs as I have just woke up and plan on going for my run A sap. Anyone who is wondering if FJ’s ebook is worth the cash-o-la I’m here to tell you it is. I’m seriously super excited about starting his advice TODAY!!!

  8. Not many people think to work out that part of the body as you said “ASS”. it’s nice that you thought of it and laid some wonderful exercises to help people make their butt more sexy and stronger.

  9. cher says:

    another great one is being on all fours, hands/knees and extending your leg out and lifting up. also, i feel and saw a difference when i concentrated on squeezing each individual cheek while on the tredmill on an incline. my ass hurt like hell, and couldn’t sit on it the next day, but wiggling in my seat and feeling that pain let me know my ass was gonna go from flat to fab! LOL

    btw.. are the anti-spam words on your blog in a list you created yourself? i’ve had “smashed” and this one is “shag”… just sounds very “FitJerk-ish”.. hahaha

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      Yeah focusing on each cheek definitely has an effect. Just like with abs, you gotta concentrate on contracting the muscle.

      As for the spam words… I’m glad you noticed my work of genius to keep the spam bots out. All you’ve gotten so far is “smashed” and “shag”? Oh you ain’t even seen the best ones yet. ;)

  10. Yum Yucky says:

    Given a different picture, the Booty Blast would have taken on new meaning. But since you pasted a woman\’s azz on the front, I know Booty Blast is not the sister of the Colon Blow product.

    And ya, I will try the Bridge move with weight added. muwah!

  11. mutuelle says:

    ouf lovely ass. i truly like it

  12. Jane says:

    oh how i miss those gym workouts… esp the squats.. used to have better ass than now……

  13. Yum Yucky says:

    I volunteer to do the standing kick and roundhouse kick with my ex-boyfriend’s head in the way. Ya, I’ve been married for a long times now, but when I thinking of kicking heads, the ex-boy still comes to mind. No hard feelings, though – just exercise.

  14. The magazine was so great I don’t know how to show you how much I am thankful to you. Pls keep writing posts.

  15. Amanda says:

    Love this Post! It is all about the booty. I find what works well for my clients in using the Power Plate. As well as toning your butt super fast it also reduces cellulite at the same time.
    Your blog is fantastic, keep it up

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      Cool, big ups for dropping by. But please, for the love of god, stop putting your clients on the Power Plate or any other vibration insanity. A deep squat with high reps and low rest intervals will do more for their ass than any shake-and-bake machine as I like to call em.

  16. headach says:

    This is one of the best blogs what i have ever read, it is impressed me very much, thank you for taking your time to sharing this, i want to share it with my friend, they must also love your words, thank you!

  17. Michelle says:

    I love the deep hack squats for my butt

  18. Jessica says:

    These look like some really effective exercises for the rear. I would also recommend a good kickboxing class for someone who is really looking to get their rear into shape. Kickboxing is a great workout for the lower body, and I always wake up with a “good sore” in my quads and legs after a workout.

  19. MoNi says:

    i am desperately seeking a program that will make my ass BIGGER. i came across this, I don’t want to burn my ass off, I want more. Can I still do this program or do you have any other suggestions?

  20. mens fitness says:

    Yes the all 6 tips your are given ones are easy for all and no need to go any ware for booties.

  21. Jae says:

    I love this guy!!

  22. Justin says:

    Your next post should be how to tell your girlfriend/wife to get started with these exercises and not get slapped.

  23. Tatianna says:

    I love your choice of exercises, except the deep hack squat. I found that exercise to work the legs a bit more than booty.
    By the way, hump the celling – love that name, so funny!

    • Fit Jerk says:

      Depends on how deep you go with the squat. Ideally a full ROM BB squat would be a superior choice but this routine was made for women who didn’t have much experience with free weights.

      And yes, hump the ceiling, bet you’ll never forget that one. There’s a method to my madness.

  24. Tatianna says:

    I definitely love hump the ceiling exercises, those are great!

  25. Lauren says:

    I love the workouts and articles you post, but I think posting a picture of a naturally round bottom is rather misleading. I could do squats and mule kicks until my legs fall off and I still would not have that Brazillian butt that everyone loves, because I have a flat white girl booty, and I have accepted that. Genetics plays more of a role in body (and booty) shape and no amount of exercise will change that.

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