Supplement Review: Purple K Creatine From Fusion Bodybuilding

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Product Name: Purple-K
Fusion Bodybuilding
MSRP: $32.99 [Click For Low Prices On: [ Purple-K, 100 Caps]
Availability: High (Stores & Online)
Servings: 50

I had been using creatine monohydrate for YEARS. I had perfected the cycling of this supplement for maximum results and minimal bloating, so you can probably imagine the skepticism/excitement I felt when I stumbled upon a buffered type of creatine which is pH balanced, doesn’t need to be cycled, comes in a pill form and best off all, gives you the same results with a smaller dosage.

I HAD to know what this was all about. Enter Kre-Alkalyne creatine (Basically buffered creatine monohydrate pH 12+). Hailed as the “king of creatine”, purple K seemed to be the answer. Well, I put two bottles to the test and here’s what I found out…

Product Claim: First, let’s look at what this product OFFICIALLY claims to do. Here is the official word from the company…

PURPLE-K has become a staple in any serious bodybuilder’s supplement program, because it gives you the real strength gains you need to move big weight. With each workout, you’ll feel your strength grow. Other creatines just can’t live up to PURPLE-K, they are poorly bioavailable and cannot even deliver a full and concentrated dose of creatine to your muscles. Because PURPLE-K is pH-correct, there is no loading, bloating or water retention, and your body will absorb 100% of the dose.


The pH scale measures the acidity of liquids. Your stomach contains hydrochloric acid that has a pH between 1 and 2. In this acidic environment, other creatine breaks down into creatinine (kree-AT-ah-neen’) – a useless waste product.1

Because other creatines break down in stomach acids, mega-dosing is common, but only causes more problems because it makes you bloated and shuts down your creatine transporters (Crt), making you absorb less creatine, not more.

PURPLE-K is the King of Creatine because it’s pH-correct creatine that utilizes an advanced pH-correct buffer that prevents creatine breakdown in stomach acids. As a result, 100% of PURPLE-K is delivered intact to your muscles, making it highly bioavailable and ensuring real strength gains at a fraction of the serving size.


  1. Kreider, R., Ferreira, M., Wilson, M., Grindstaff, P., Plisk, S., & Reinhardy, J. et al. (1998). Effects of creatine supplementation on body composition, strength and sprint performance. Med Sci Sport Exerc, 30, 73-82.

Real World Results: So claims are one thing, and as far as the supplement industry is concerned… I take everything they say with a grain of salt. Mainly because their info pages are written by marketers, not scientists or supplement experts (Sometimes I wonder if certain companies even have any scientists working for them). That is why reading the “science” behind a lot of these products will just end up hurting your head. Therefore I’ve decided to skip the bullshit and put everything I review to the test in the one place that matters. THE GYM.

So how did Purple-K stack up? In short, pretty damn well. Also, I saved quite a lot of time because instead of mixing a concoction like before, I just had to pop the pills and go! Doesn’t get any more convenient than that. There was also no bloating or stomach upsets to report. Some of the panzies out there who are scared of monohydrate should rejoice, this product is fool proof. It’s also idiot proof… there is no need to cycle, just take 2 pills 30 minutes before and 2 pills within 60 minutes after a workout. On non-workout days take 1-2 in the morning… bam!

As far as sheer performance goes, it worked just as well as monohydrate in my opinion. Some people say it works BETTER, but as a long time creatine user… I’m not too sure about that. I think it DOES have the potential since one serving (2 capsules) contains only 1.5g of creatine… and when I get my 3rd bottle, I am going to experiment with the dosage. But for the sake of the review, I stuck to my guns and followed the “instructions”.

Strength Increases? My bench press shot up 10 lbs after one bottle. This is definitely something I’m happy with. A crucial factor is also those “rest days”… make sure you take 2 capsules in the morning like it says. We grow and get stronger when we rest so there is no reason to use Purple-K ONLY on workout days. Also note that my nutrition and post workout recovery is top-notch so make sure you’re doing more than popping pills here. Your results will vary.

For those who have never taken creatine before or are curious as to how this helps you in the gym, let me give you a brief explaination. This isn’t like an energy drink product or one of those N.O products where you will feel “awake” and super “energized”. In fact, you won’t really notice any difference in your state untill you hit the gym… say you bench 150lbs and max out at 8 reps. After taking purple-k (or any other good creatine product for that matter) you’ll be lifing and be like 8, 9, 10… holy shit 11! It’s that type of feeling. You’ll be able to push yourself further before getting tired.

Although I’ve yet to find a TRULY awesome N.O product that blows me away, if you do use pre-workout formulas, I don’t see why you wouldn’t stack Purple-K with them. You get the strength gains and the energizer bunny feeling… Huzzah!

CONCLUSION: Overall, you just can’t beat the price, convenience, and performance of this stuff. It truly kicks ass! As my books readers no doubt know, I have dumped regular ‘ol monohydrate in favour of Purple-K. And let’s not forget that nowadays you can find this product at a MUCH lower price than the MSRP. Highly Recommended.

- FitJerk

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About the Author:

Turns fat asses into good looking bad asses. Also a National deadlift record holder and the undisputed flip-cup champion. If you want to train under him, Click Here to fill out an application, and he just may consider working with you.

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  1. Hi FJ. So this is better than Kre-Alkalyne? Right now, I take the powder from of the previous.

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      This IS Kre-Alkalyne sweetheart. Kre-Alkalyne is the name they gave buffered monohydrate that’s pH balanced. It has a patent # (6,399,661)

      That should clear things up. And yeah I used to use powered monohydrate. Bleh. Pills FTW.

      • I use Kre-Alkalyne from EFX. This looks like a different company… Am I still confused? Oh, hell, I am always confused. I am a women going thru the change of life.. try doing that!!! HA!

        • - Fit Jerk - says:

          Yes, the product from EFX is pretty much the same thing, but I believe they sell it in powder form, as well as pill form.

          And I was smart enough to give up trying to figure out women. But I like unpredictability, so go figure!

    • Geralyn says:

      It\’s sopoyk how clever some ppl are. Thanks!

  2. Gold builder says:

    I currently use Purple-K and I’ve been on creatine since i was 16. I started using the purple K about 8months a go and believe me by far its the best creatine I’ve used. It allows me to put on mass(slower than powder) but also keep the nice toned cut look without the bloating. Ive been on everything from No-explode to Size on and out of all the suppliments i’ve used I recommend purple-k to anyone who likes to put on mass but is afraid of getting bloated or fat looking.

  3. Ham Power says:

    I’m 17 years old, and have been thinking about trying out purple k. (pills or powder), i heard either work fine. Ok. So i’m “fat” and i’m wondering if i not only gain muscle, but will i tone up and lose some weight, maybe get some definition? I’ve been overweight for far too long now, and want something that’ll make me look and feel stronger.

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      No I wouldn’t bother with any type of Creatine if you’re fat and/or overweight. What you need to do is strength training with compound exercises along with Variable Intensity Cardio. Your eating habits also need a full out turn around. I mean total overhaul because obviously what you’ve been doing isn’t working all.
      Do you have my FREE fitness mini-course? If not, download it immediately!

      Should get you started.

  4. yuki says:

    I want a gain mass but I couldn\’t drink a milk, so what kind of muscle supplement should I drink?

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      The problem is that you’re looking for a supplement rather than turning to food. Supplements can give you… maybe a 5-9% increase in performance IF your eating habits are TIGHT.

      Food is very anabolic, you need to look at lean cuts of meat and proper complex carbohydrates for muscle growth and weight gain… THEN you can turn to supplements. Also, why can’t you drink milk? Lactose?

      Try whey protein isolate. Most go through microfiltration which seperates out the fat and lactose and leaves you with high quality protein that is 95% pure. Got it? Good… now go pack on some muscle!

  5. Tech18 says:

    hey FJ, I’ve been reading your thoughts on Purple-K and it has helped a lot! I have a problem though, i’m 17 years old, about 145lbs and i’m not fat, i have abs n w/e. i work out 3-4 times a week (using weights) and 2 days cardio. Right now i’m on a weight gainer and it has helped, is it safe for me to stack Purple K with it? (With my weight and whatever). i think the sales people in the stores are feeding me shit.

  6. - Fit Jerk - says:


    Sales people will always feed you shit… like how you should take the latest “pump” product.

    Anyways, you’re at my weight, which is cool. If you’re taking weight gainer right now (a good one) I bet there is a good chance that some creatine monohydrate is already present. Check the nutrition label and check the amount… if it’s 5g or less per serving then here’ s how I’d take Purple K:

    1cap b4 and 1 after.

    If there isn’t any creatine present, then do the usual 2cap before and 2 cap after.

    As for safety, yeah you got nothing to worry about. You need to take in a fuck load of creatine on a daily basis to do any real harm. Even then, your body will be working over time to piss out the excessive dose (not that you should try that).

  7. Mike says:

    I wanna increase my vertical jump, if i combine purple k with my jump training will i get a faster increse?

  8. - Fit Jerk - says:


    Oh fuck yea, I don’t see why not. Creatine was originally used by athletes in Olympics and they trashed the competition. And is there some explosive movements required in the Olympics? Totally.

  9. Rehsom says:

    Hey, im not a very big person been having troubles gaining weight. Been the same weight for pretty much a year and a half, i was just wondering if this will help gain weight, I do work out but I don\’t notice change hence I am small. I have noticed I have gotten more defined but I haven\’t been gaining weight.

  10. Rehsom says:

    what the hell lol now there are 2 comments, i re commented because I checked up on my first one and It wasn\’t appearing. Sorry about that.

  11. - Fit Jerk - says:


    Hell no. Just taking Purple K alone will NOT help you gain weight. I guarantee that the major reason for your situation is the way you eat. 95% of the time it’s eating habits, then the other 5% of the time is the training.

    Read my article on Taylor Lautner here:

    Go apply everything in there. If you aren’t eating a huge meal every 2 hours, forget about it. No supplement will help you. Hell, even steroids will be fucking useless.

    In very basic terms, creatine shuffles water into your muscles, while that might fill you out a little, it’s primary function is to help you workout harder and with more intensity… growth comes from recovery and nutrition.

    You grow big in the kitchen homie, not in the gym.

  12. bitchin biceps says:

    hi fj . i was wondering if a high carbs, protein diet would work if i was taking purple k ? and is it safe for a fifteen year old .. im large for a fifteen year old to!

  13. Rehsom says:

    alright thanks, I do eat but I did expect the creatine to help. Thank you though

  14. - Fit Jerk - says:


    I don’t see the need to have a “high” amount of carbs. As for Purple K, I wouldn’t take it till I’m about 17-18. Get your creatine from natural sources right now such as beef.

  15. bitchin biceps says:

    i need to bulk up for football . strickt orders say that. and why would you wait till age 17? it says on the bottle its for the use for people under the age of eighteen?!1

  16. - Fit Jerk - says:

    Naw, you’re mistaken. It actually says “..not intended for use by persons under the age of 18″

    Therefore in my opinion you are too young to be using it. Stick to lean cuts of beef, skinless chicken, ostrich and buffalo meat. You should bulk up in no time.

    And easy way to make sure is to check your weight every Sunday. You should be at least 1lbs heavier than you were in the previous week… if you aren’t, you didn’t eat enough. Point Blank Period.

  17. Never had stomach upsets from creatine in the past, it’s one dam good supplement (out of all the garbage, next-big-thing products out there). And, like ya said, pills do have an advantage… saves time (though I still mix my protein and glutamin, it’s one less powder to mix in).
    Mark Martinez
    your creatine powder test lab

  18. Force Factor says:

    Well, the post is really the greatest on this laudable topic. I agree with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your forthcoming updates. Saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the tremendous clarity in your writing. I will instantly grab your rss feed to stay abreast of any updates.

  19. - Fit Jerk - says:


    Cool, glad you found value in it.

  20. Josh says:

    Hey, i was interested in taking purple-k, im 5’11 and weigh 165 im looking to bulk up farily fast. I have taken no other supplements in the past and I have just started working out. I am 16 turning 17 in july and the guy at the local supplement store said i was old enough to take purple-k, i was wondering if I was, and if purple-k was the right thing to be taking?

  21. LLN says:

    @Fit Jerk, hey man i’m just wondering if i could combine purple-k with any NO products? and if so, what NO brand do you recommend the most?

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      To this day, I still haven’t come across a viable and effective N.O product. You will get a better pump and a better workout if you stack Purple K with Beta Alanine and take a scoop of Vitargo S2 before your workout. Search my review section to read about Vitargo.

  22. Thomas says:

    Hey, im wondering how creatine is going to help me in my training, im currently taking whey protein, and i need to gain weight but im on a diet too, so i need to stay lean. How will taking purple k help me. Im currently 200 pounds in good shape im lean but i need to add weight and all my weight lifting is currently going up. just wanted to know if taking the creatine will help me gain muscle mass.

  23. non normie says:

    fit jerk, i am a 19 year old female, 5’5, 125 – 130 lbs with an athletic build. i am getting into fitness, training and proper nutrition. i was wondering if purple k will help me to achieve more strength and noticeable definition without major weight gain because i do need to still lose fat and gain muscle.

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      If you take Purple K only on training days you will definitely improve your strength beyond normal levels. As for weight gain… you only have to worry about that if you are using monohydrate since that shit will retain water. Personally, I think Kre-Alkalyn is a god-send for women since I wouldn’t recommend monohydrate to females in the past unless they WANTED to gain some pounds.

      Oh and the obviously one… upping your caloric intake. that will put weight on you… duh. So manage that.

  24. Hydroponics Supplies says:

    Another versatile en amazing product that captures every individual to grab from it… Love the way it is used to be, it helps people like me, to easily find these things… Given their features that would really help every consumer…Thanks for posting that article, it feeds the mind and eases the eagerness of the reader… Compassion to give such these information and things made a great contribution in the world of the website, for the one who sees it and need it like me…

  25. Force Factor says:

    Hi I’m a 25 y.o female with no time for any real exercise I just want to gain some definition and a bit of weight…is this product suitable for someone who wishes to stay relatively thin but wanting to be toned?

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      If you have no time for any real exercise, then any type of creatine is practically useless for you. I don’t even recommend it for my clients until they have been through a month of two of hell with me… all natural. If you want to gain weight, you are better off picking up a high quality Gainer Powder. “Quick Mass” from Allmax nutrition isn’t a bad choice.

      Combined with a frequent eating, it’ll put some pounds on you.

  26. Frank says:

    Good review. I’m looking to take this but skeptical whether I should mix it with fat burner RapidCut which I’m currently taking first thing in the morning and early afternoon. Any idea if I can take Purple K with RapidCut or any fat burner?

  27. Dillon says:

    Hey FJ,

    I’ve taken purple k before and loved it. Definately the best creatine I have ever used. However, 8 months ago I decided to cut out supplements entirely. I leaned out and dropped down from a consistent 185 to 170. The reason for this is that I have been doing some studying on supplements as part of my university degree and have found that most have side effects that can pose a health risk in the future. I eat extremely healthy and do not want to risk my future health just so I can be strong in the gym. I know that there has yet to be a long term study on the effects of creatine on the body but there are ascertations in the medical realm that it can have negative effects on the kidneys. As Kre-Alkylyn has yet to have any real medical studies (that I can find anyways, most are manufacturers reports) I’m wondering, what is your take on the health impacts of taking such a product.

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      Well university boy, then you should know that creatine is naturally occurring in meats such as beef, ostrich, chicken, buffalo etc. When you eat a phat ass steak, you actually get a decent amount of creatine. Now people have been eating beef and steaks for how long? Pretty fucking long.

      Therefore it is my contention that supplementing with 5g of cratine daily will not be harmful as long as you cycle off every 4-6 weeks.

      • Kaedon says:

        Touhcdown! That’s a really cool way of putting it!

      • Ana says:

        Carlos / This is good stuff. I am a competitive plferoiwter and I have tried all sorts of pre-workout supplements. My favorite being N.O. Xplode. I have recently been using Jack3d and I love it! It gives me that energy, focus, and pump I have been looking for. Immediately after consumption I could feel it working, my hands tingled, my heartrate slowly rose, and I got super intense focus. I highly recommend this product!!

  28. TW says:

    I am using it now for two month and seeing great results well I quit work out for 4 month after a year and start back and was able to catch up my weight in like 1month and now even more weights after 2month. well just wonder ppl say i have to take a month off after using 3month or a month using creatine product. is this true? or should i not quit it?

  29. Jordan says:

    Very nice review, i completely agree with you. I have tried muscle-tech creakic, and other powder creatine supplements but this one by far is the best. I usually take a pre-workout supplement such as NaNOx9 or NOxplode. But i find with just taking the Purple K creatine I don’t even need a pre-workout supplement. Your muscles feel and look bigger after one workout. No word of a lie. Cheap stuff too. On my second bottle this week. If your skeptical, dont be. its a great creatine product. You will be really thirsty when you take this creatine as well, i drink a shit lot of water while working out and on my off days. Also I found my appetite to be huge after a few weeks of creatine and working out steadily. I put on 5lbs this month.

  30. Daniel C says:

    Hi, Im 15 years old and I love bodybuilding, I have taken Rapid Cuts Fat Burner, and Arson Fat Burner, and I have lost about 15 LBS, in and Im down to 207 LBS now. I can handle supplements, and Im starting Purple K Creatine today. Can I stack it with a fat burner? Or should I get rid of the fat burner?

  31. *SRB* says:

    currently taking Purple K + Superpump 250…is it allright to take those with a fat burner (Xtreme Lean)???

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      never tried Xtreme Lean but fat burner stacking should be ok. Read comments above.

    • Anjali says:

      david / Am i the only one with negative comemnts about JAck3d. I felt the skin on my face was litteraly burning 10 min after drinking Jack3d. Didnt feel any extra pump or strenght during my workout.STarted to have headache towards the end of my workout, persistent headache since then, (its been 3 days!)Also felt on edge for 10 hours and a bit dizzy the following days.I never experienced that sort side effects while on size on, green magnitude, noxplode etc it must be because of the 1,3-Dimethylamylamine, which is a banned substance since 2009 by the World Anti-Doping Agency!! Jack3d seems to work for a lot of people (and thats why i tried it) but be aware that serious side effects can happen as well (if you are one of the unlucky few!)

  32. workoutnut says:

    Hey Fj, I play a high level of hockey and have always had trouble putting on weight. I’ve recently begun to eat extremely healthy and constantly snacking. I’ve started to put on more muscle taking only virtually pure protein (Isolate). I’ve also this last week got going on purple k. I was wondering if it would be too much to change the isolate protein to a weight gainer, specifically isomass which already carries quite a bit of creatine. Any guidance??

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      Yes a weight gainer will help your ass out. Quickmass is one I recommend. But there is no substitute to good food. Eat every type of meat as many times as you can coupled with your veggies and fish oil. More info on muscle mass and gaining is around the site. do a search

  33. DrizZie says:

    Hey FJ. I JUST finished the first phase (first month) of P90X, and have been following the diet perfectly (not the exact foods but same nutritional value + lost 1.5% body fat). I\’m 17, about to be 18, and I\’m wondering if while doing the next phases of P90X…would Purple-K be appropriate?? I\’m 150 lbs, and pretty defined. And if I should go back to the gym and drop P90X, because i\’m just afraid P90X won\’t gain me enough muscle, I just need to get bigger now.

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      P90X will definitely not gain you enough muscle after the first month or two. Your body will adapt to that exact same routine which is why DVD’s only work for so long. They don’t really “teach” you how to go about creating your own plan.

      As for purple K, couple it with solid foods and you’ll be on your way.

  34. john says:

    I’ve got my first kickboxing fight coming up in 2 months. I’ve tried creatine only once and seemed to make me rock-climb like a mchine that day! If i take it before the fight will it make em hit harder or have more stamina? I’ve been struggling to lose weight (not much fat to speak of) so that I end up in a good weight class for me. So I can’t afford to gain weight.. Whadya think?

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      If you can’t afford to gain weight, one pill of Purple K before a fight should be enough. Don’t take any more than that. I’ve never really used or recommend creatine for anyone who wants to lose weight.

  35. AlexK says:

    Hey thanks for the article… could you please send me a healthy food diet to really pack on muscle? Thanks if you can.

  36. Adam says:

    Hey FJ,
    I’m a 16 year old male and thinking of trying purple k out. I am pretty tall around 6’2 and an embarassing 150 pounds. I’m relitively skinny and I want some gains to bulk up and get rid of my “reputation for being the tall skinny kid”. I am also a basketball player wishing to increase my vertical jump. I am taking a whey protein supplement after working out but I haven’t noticed any significant gains. Do you think this product would be right for me, and could you please give me some advice in trying to attain my goals?

  37. Lovely Blog, My wife and I are Personal Trainers in Brighton Uk, she has a fantastic blog called fitfoxy check it out.

  38. Creatine really does work. I have looked at numerous studies that support the supplement.

    Purple-K sounds good if you want to take creatine. I like the low dosage. Whenever I take a supplement I like to take the lowest dose possible.

    Good review – Thanks

    Best – Mike

  39. JAY says:

    hey FJ, i was previously using superpump 250 and it worked pretty good for me, but i dropped it and decided to use purple K because i heard good things about it. i was wondering if i can use superpump 250 and purple K?

  40. Andrew says:

    Hey there. I am 17 years old, and have never used any supplements before. I work out on a daily basis, and have been told that Purple-K is a good one. I’m wondering how much of it I should take a day, and how I should take it. Thank you.

  41. Marc says:

    I’m 18 years old, 6’4 and weigh 185. I want to get to at least 200 pounds as soon as possible. I was wondering would it be better for me to take purple k or a powdered creatine? Also, if I take purple k after I finish 1 bottle how long should I wait before starting a new bottle? Thanks in advance.

  42. Evan says:

    Im 16 years old and ive been told about this purple-k stuff and told its amazing, im at 160 right now and looking to be around 175-180 after its all said and done . Does purple k just help you gain muscle mass or does it also help you get toned? Right now im cut you could say and now im just trying to put on the pounds , so will this stuff help me get thicker but also keep the tone i have or just make me look flabby ?

  43. Gil says:

    EFX was the originator of this product. Sci-Fit and Fusion are hopping on the band wagon. The sci-fit is the cheapest.

  44. Adam D says:

    I’ve almost finished off my first bottle of this stuff and I definitely have seen some positive results from it. I’m thinking of taking a break from using it for a few weeks of working out and I was wondering if I’ll see any changes in size, strength, bulk, etc…

  45. You guys have to remember that your body naturally produces Creatine, and that the weight gain generally is water weight unless your consuming a high protein diet with strength training.

  46. Logan says:

    I have a question I train for marathons and compitition muay Thai, but since I’ve been in highschool i will always love to weight lift, is purple K just for weight lifting? If it is should I just take one pill in the morning on my marathon/ muay Thai days? And then take 1 pill b4 and after my weight lifting days only? Thanx if anyone could help.

  47. Good product at a great price!

  48. hockey star says:

    hi fj, im 17 and i wanna try and gain some muscle. i play hockey and i need some speed do you think purple k will help will speed along with some stability and strength?

  49. bb9 says:

    hey fj, i’m an 18 yr old girl and also a cheerleader, which requires some muscle but also to stay lean and cut but not gain alot of weight, is purple-k a good choice? my bf suggested it to me, so i’ve been curious about this product

  50. Danny orozco says:

    Hey FJ, I’m 17 160, eat alot, workout alot, 4 days a week and I have decent sized arms and definition, I do alot of triceps but I’m looking for that thicker look, especially in my forearms and joint, willl purple k help or is there something else I should do?

  51. Veanna says:

    I might be beating a dead horse, but thank you for ptosnig this!

  52. Franck says:

    Hi FitJerk,

    Did you ever try Creatine HCL, I’ve look into your review but don’t seem to have found one. Since your review is well made and your’re really knowledgeable about creatine, I’ll like an honest opinion between the two.

    Many thanks

  53. Nice one! I didn’t even pay attention on nutrition. I was thinking – training is the most important part, i didn’t pay attention on nutrition too much. But now i know that diet is more important than training, and Now i am training 5 hours per week, and i am on a diet too…

  54. ryan says:

    Hey fj. I’m currently trying to tone and gain muscle. .170 lbs. 5’10. I picked up purple k and glutamine from a health store, which the health guy recommended. Now I work in an extremely labour intensive job, which I’m at for. 8-11 hours. How should I use the purple k and glutamine.? Thus far I take 2 pills at the start of the day and.2 at lunch, roughly 2/3 of the way through the day. With the glutamine at the same times. Does this sound effective?

  55. The kind I’ve been using suggests not using it on days off, which I haven’t been. I guess I’ll have to start using it on off days, too! How does this compare to a product like CellMass?

  56. Tylor says:

    Hey F.J, I would like to bulk up fast and was considering purchasing the six star chreatine monohydrate, but i have’nt heard many good things about it, where as i’ve seen first had what purple k can do. My buddy has been on it for 6 months, and he hit the gym hard while taking 2 purple k capsules before, and after his workout. He came back to school looking like a different person. These are the results i want. Do you recomend purchasing this product? Thanks for your time

    • Fit Jerk says:

      It doesn’t matter what creatine you take – if you eat like a panzy, you’ll go no where. I just put 12lbs on a man in 7 days. Creatine was part of the equation but hard ass training and proper nutrition was responsible for 90% of the results.

  57. Kevin says:

    I’m wondering why you think there is no need to take larger doses initially? I’ve come across research in my courses at school saying that 5g a day for 2 weeks followed by 2g/day is the ideal way to increase your intramuscular creatine. Have you come across anything that refutes this?

    The study was this:
    Harris et al (1992) Elevation of creatine in resting and exercising muscles of normal subjects by creatine supplementation. Clinical Science 83: pg 367

    Unfortunately I don’t have an electronic copy to send you.


  58. Michele says:

    Josh / who has any suggestions I want to get as rieppd as you can possibly get befor i go off to basic for the Army ! I’m looking for a supplement that will get me there ! I ran out of my stock of dietful about a year a go , I had bought like 3 cases of the stuff befor the band on a serttant ingredient happend ! so my question is Will this Jack3d dive me that boost that I’m looking for ? I dont want to spend the money on it if this crap dose not work ! and when i say that boost I meen like to where I puke after every workout because it was just that INTENSE! I love that fealing and cant get enough of it !

  59. Jay Biz says:

    The first creatine i used was called cell-tech back in the day….11 pounds in 7 days, fully bloated but also was lifting more. The problem I ran into was as soon as I stopped the “loading phase”, weight dropped and so did strength. The Creatine 3X Elite from Dr Max Powers seems to be the best creatine I have ever bought online for long term strength gains which I keep even after getting off of it completely.

  60. Sunny bunny says:

    hey Ive taken purple k for a month now, and I read on most sites that I should take a break from cratine after one month then wait a month and retake it, should i just keep taking it all throughtout?

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