Supplement Review: New Whey Liquid Protein 42 By IDS

By: September 28, 2009 4 Comments

Product Name: New Whey Liquid Protein 42
Company: IDS Sports
MSRP: $37.99 Box of 12 [ Click For 10% Off IDS Liquid Whey!]
Medium ( Some Stores & Online)
Flavor Tested: Acai Berry

If there is one supplement that you should be sure about, it’s whey protein. It’s been tested, it’s been proven and it’s a solid performer. Whey is a complete protein source and contains all the BCAA’s that you need, so there is no need to supplement with BCAA’s by themselves. Anyone that convinces you otherwise is basically trying to push their supplement on your ass for no reason, in which case you should slap them.

So why am I testing a product that we all KNOW works? Why am I bothering with a supplement that everyone uses anyway? Because the whey protein product that I’m talking about today is something most of you haven’t experienced yet! When I usually talk about whey protein, most people think powders or bars. We health conscious folks take a few scoops, throw it together with some water, some milk and maybe some fruit and chug that shit back.

But what if you don’t have time to do that? What if all you have is… 3 seconds? Can you take your current protein shake in 3 seconds flat? Hmm… Didn’t think so. Enter Liquid Whey 42 from IDS sports. What IDS has done isn’t re-invent the wheel here, instead they took the wheel and refined it, polished it… And made it a stellar performer. It’s like riding on performance rims vs standard wheels. The average person won’t notice a difference but on the track… The extra rigidity and lightweight construction will give you that handling edge you need.

Aight, enough with the car metaphors, let’s move on to the official word from IDS…

Product Claims:

“Introducing the most convenient delivery of protein ever conceived! NEW WHEY liquid protein from IDS is revolutionizing protein supplementation! NEW WHEY delivers 25 grams of pure protein with no carbs or fat in a 2.9 ounce serving!
Perfectly conceived convenience, consumed in as little as three seconds!

With its patent pending virtually indestructible packaging, NEW WHEY can be taken anywhere conveniently and easily. No messy mixing of powders, & no messy clean up. NEW WHEY contains NO unnecessary calories seen in “Protein Bars”!
NEW WHEY is the ideal protein supplement for people on the go!”

First Impressions:


The box looks pretty attractive and I like the way the flap opens and tucks in neatly as a display. This was CLEARLY made to be sold as an “extra item” you pickup at the counter right before checking out at the grocery or health-food store. And for that purpose I have no doubts that it will do very well. In fact, it should kill it! I’m piss-tired of seeing those stupid 8hour energy shots and what not, this would be a much more attractive option, SPECIALLY in convenience stores within a 1km radius of a gym (You listening 7/11?!).

Then we have the actual vials themselves, which are made of a hard plastic that’s supposed to be “virtually” indestructible. A quick look under the vial reveals the recycle symbol of 5. Bravo IDS! 5 isn’t the best kind but any plastics that have the #5 are known to be safe and don’t leech harmful chemicals into the food or beverage. So… That’s pretty reassuring!


I really like these vials. They stand on their own, they’re super convenient and can be re-used as little pill bottles that you can carry around in your bag. I also tested their “indestructible” properties and what do you know… They are pretty fucking tough. It took a few shot from my air gun to finally crack this thing but even then, it was extremely minor. If you don’t think that’s impressive, consider that the gun fires a pointed lead pellet at 495feet/second. Yup… Tough shit.

Alright, shenanigans aside, it’s time to look at the substance itself. I got the Acai berry flavor and here are some stats:


Now at this point I usually go through all the ingredients and break down the ridiculous proprietary blends in extreme detail… but because this is just a whey supplement, the blend is just a mix of 3 different proteins.

IDS Proprietary Blend:

  • Collagen Isolate: This is a poor choice as a protein source because it doesn’t contain all the essential amino acids that are required by the human body. It’s not a “complete” source of protein.
  • Whey Isolate: This is the proven good stuff and I’m stoked that it’s included… Not much else to say.
  • Casein Isolate: There are mixed feelings about this stuff. It’s good because it’s “slow releasing”… so having a mixture of whey isolate (very fast absorbing) and casein can be beneficial, but I personally don’t like casein. The human body is just not equipped to effectively deal with it. Casein is present in cow’s milk and only the 4-stomach system of a cow is able to effectively handle casein, not humans. Oh and as a side note, casein is also one of the main ingredients in some of the strongest types of wood-working glues because of it’s sticky and gooey properties. Imagine that shit in your stomach… Not good in excessive amounts.

Real World Results:

I gave the vial a good shake and unscrewed that sucker. The very first thing I did was take a good wiff… And I was treated to aromatic ecstasy. Well… Almost. It’s really fruity on the nose and makes you want to chug it back instantly, so that’s exactly what I did. Being an experienced hard-liquor shot master, I threw one vial back in about 2 seconds… BAM 42g protein baby!


For those who haven’t had acai stuff in the past, this will taste a bit sour. Even if it’s not sour to you, the INTENSITY of it is undeniable. If you want a similar experience, try drinking grape juice concentrate, but without a much water… That’s how intense it is. The IDS Whey liquid is thick, but contrary to what is stated on the vial (“Contains milk”)… It’s not milky at all. I found this refreshing. I’ve never really had protein that was so fruity before. Nice!

I also threw a few vials in the fridge and consumed one pre and one post workout the very next day. This was an even BETTER experience. Seriously, if you can take this liquid protein cold, do it. It reduces the sour-ness while boosting the overall taste. Win-Win.

So at this point it’s easy to sum up the Liquid Whey 42 as a purely awesome supplement. I mean it’s convenient, tastes good, smells good, has a decent amount of protein with a liveable proprietary blend. What’s not to love? Might as well go out and buy yourself 50 cases right?!

Uh… Hang on there you vial chugging champ. While this product is no doubt fantastic, there is one crucial factor that’s slightly holding it back and that’s the price. See at $37.99 it works out to be about $3.16 per serving. Now that’s a bit painful. But fear not, I think I’ve worked it all out.

See there is NO WAY that this stuff can ever replace our regular sub $1 per serving protein powders. They deliver quite the bang for our buck and can be mixed with other supplements, therefore you need to keep buying what you’ve bought in the past. However, there are times when taking protein with you can be very inconvenient. I found that over the 1 week of testing, slipping the vials in your pockets can put quite the smile on your face since it’s just so damn convenient.

I chose to test out the product during a really busy week and suffice to say, it saved my behind on more than one occasion. Like, there were times when I needed to step out in a hurry and a vial of Liquid Whey, Banana and a Natural Trail Mix bar made for a PERFECT snack. It kept my caloric (and more importantly, my protein) intake exactly where it needed to be.

So what about normal, not-so-busy weeks? Is it still use-able? Well that’s why you buy a case and you LEAVE IT ALONE. When the time comes, (and it will…) you’ll remember just what to grab and then be on your merry way… Knowing that in the next 3 seconds you will have downed 42 grams of delicious protein. This is the proper way to use the slightly more expensive liquid protein.


It’s simple, If you care about your eating habits and hitting your daily nutritional goals… Then you cannot afford to have missed meals or protein shakes. Therefore Liquid Whey 42 can be an invaluable tool in your arsenal. I mean… Yeah its $3 but so is a burger, and how many of those do you end up buying during the week?

On the other hand, if you are very lax about your nutrition and only use protein as an ingredient in meal replacement shakes than the IDS Liquid Whey 42 might not be your cup of tea. As for me, I think I’ll be picking up a case and letting it sit until the inevitable time arrives where I need to pickup something in a rush…

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  1. Sounds interesting & like your review but like you said, $$$$. I guess I will stick to what I am doing!

  2. Mayan Fox says:

    I found a bunch of this stuff going at $1 (Australian) per vial at a grocery ‘reject’ shop (you know the ones that sell past use by dated and overstocked items etc.) While there is no expiry date there is a ‘use by’ date of over a year ago. Do you know if the properties diminish substantially with time or if it would still be a worthy buy?

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      I don’t know the half-life of whey but if it’s past the “used by” date then I would NOT buy that shit. Ever.

      The cost of paying low and getting fucked isn’t worth the potential benefit of getting cheap protein.

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