How Taylor Lautner Got Ripped For New Moon

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Man, if there is one topic that is HOT as hell right now it’s gotta be the new Twilight movie, and frankly the whole craze is getting a little annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE vampire fan but the Twilight vampires are LAME. Sparkling in the sun? Dumb little love stories? No thanks… I prefer my vicious vampires that have an attitude and who burn to a nice crisp in the presence of UV rays. Underworld style. But… that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

I’m here to talk about the person who’s at the center of this crazy hot topic, Taylor Lautner… and how he managed to pack on 30lbs of solid mass in a particularly short amount of time. Being in the fitness industry, it was pretty much guaranteed that I’d get email or two (or 11) asking if I knew “how he did it?”

If I knew? Of course I know how he fucking did it! I’d be a failure of a fitness trainer and writer if I didn’t. So instead of emailing everyone individually, I figured I write up the EXACT blue print of how Taylor did it, so you can learn from it. Read that again… “so you can learn from it”, not “so you can follow exactly what he did”.

Why do I say this? Because if you follow what Taylor did, you will most likely NOT see the dramatic results that he did. Taylor had a BUNCH of factors stacked in his favour which allowed him to get to his desired goal and unless you do too, there are certain things you’re going to have to do differently.


Understanding Taylor’s Workout Routine

First and foremost, Taylor used weights and resistance bands. There should be absolutely no doubts to this fact. And he didn’t just lift weights, he lifted HEAVY WEIGHTS… beyond the limits of what his old muscles of capable of, which stimulated growth. On top of that he did it continuously over a period of time.

It’s called progressive overload, and basically it means that once you recover from a workout, the next time you perform that workout, you lift a heavier load. If  you decide NOT to do this and lift the same shit over and over, then guess what? You ain’t gona grow son!

Then of course we have workout variation. Now for some people, just varying the amount of weight they lift is good enough, but not if you want to see the dramatic results Taylor did. I doubt he did the same workout for more than a few weeks… it would cause him to plateau and this would be catastrophic as far as growth is concerned. If you remember a while back I wrote an article about How Everything Works Once, and that concept certainly applies here.

While I was doing some research for this article, I remember watching an interview where Taylor said he worked out quite often. Everyday, in fact. At first I was like “Wha…?” and wasn’t sure if he said this to throw everyone off (since he doesn’t reveal much about his workouts anyways) or if he was telling the truth by being vague. I mean what does “everyday” consist of? Weight training one day and yoga the next? But then I realized that he most probably DID do a high volume workout (probably with bands and weights) since he had a few of those “factors” I was talking about that worked in his favour.

Jordan Yuam was Taylor’s trainer, and was responsible for helping him achieve this feat of gaining mass. After looking him up, I realized that Jordan seems to favour isolation workouts. At least from what I saw he does… and this was a little bit baffling. While I’m sure Jordan made Taylor do a bunch of full-body exercises, I have no doubts that a TONNE of isolation movements were involved such as curls, extensions etc. Again, you’ll see why this worked and why it might not for YOU specifically. Now let’s move on to what Taylor put in his mouth.

A Breakdown Of Taylor’s Nutrition

There is no secret here, Taylor was force fed every 2 hours… no matter what the situation was. Notice I said force fed and not “voluntarily ate”. If Taylor was doing an interview and it was time to eat, it was time to eat. If he was sleeping and it was time for his mid-night protein shake to keep his muscles fed, he got a call from his trainer. Now I’m not saying he was baby-sat 24/7… he brought a big bag of food along with him on set and I’m sure he did some of his own eating too, but the 2 hour frequency was a key aspect.

Another key aspect was the macronutrient ratio. I’m not sure exactly what his breakdown was but what I’d recommend to anyone with the same goal would be 50% protein, 25% fat and 25% carbs. And those fats would consist of ONLY heart healthy fats such as olive oil etc. not bull crap such as hydrogenated silliness. As far as carbs go… nothing high glycemic unless it’s immediately after post-workout for an insulin spike.

Then we have supplements… as far as I know, he used whey protein without a doubt and I’d be very surprised if creatine wasn’t thrown into his “diet”. I also suspect the basics such as fish oils and a complete multi-vitamin was mandatory… if they weren’t, it’s something you should definitely look into.

Factors Stacked In Taylor’s Favour

Here is where we get to the core and WHY Taylor’s actions produced results. There is no doubt that the plan set forth by his trainer was effective, (as a shit load of screaming female fans already know) but if it was used by someone who was say… 30 years old, it would not be as effective. Here’s why:

Testosterone: Taylor is 17 years old. SEVENTEEN! He’s a fucking kid… and a male who is in his teens has the highest amount of natural testosterone than he ever will in this entire life. The natural production of “T” peaks at around his age, and ask any pro bodybuilder… it’s a KEY ingredient when you want to plan for maximum muscle gains. If you aren’t 17, you need alternate ways to boost your testosterone levels.

Flexibility: Here’s something interesting, me and Taylor came from a VERY similar background. It’s called XMA (Xtreme Martial Arts). It’s also known as tricking and practitioners are called “tricksters”. The difference is how we stemmed off. Taylor took XMA all the way and competed in it and became world champion. I did XMA but I wasn’t serious about it so I went the trickster route and eventually ended up in competitive Power Tumbling and coaching Gymnastics. I liked flipping more than kicking… martial arts to me was a serious business, meant for real world defence. So how does this relate to his massive muscle gains? One word… FLEXIBILITY.

Being a martial artist, Taylor is flexible, and that means the fasica over his muscles allow his them to grow without restriction. If you aren’t stretching your muscles HARDCORE after weight training… good luck trying to get big fast. It’s just not going to happen (unless you inject yourself site-enhancing oils and stretch them out that way… definitely NOT recommended for 99.99% of the population)


Clearly Already In Shape

A Solid Foundation:

Another advantage of being a martial artist world champion was that he had good worth ethic and a solid foundation. He might not have been big but he was already in great shape… this is why those isolation workouts were effective. See, isolation movements should be done once you’re already in shape, they are to DETAIL what you have already built.

You wouldn’t furnish a house before it was BUILT would you? Then why would you do curls before you have powerful arms? It’s idiotic. You want biceps? Put down the dumbbells and go do some damn chin-ups. You want a spectacular back? Forget lawnmowers and start doing some pull-ups and barbell rows ya wimp!

High Metabolism:

This took everything to a whole new level for Lautner. Not only did he have an already insane metabolic rate to begin with, he also lifted some heavy shit resulting in a spike in natural HGH (human growth hormone) levels, leaving his metabolic rate spiked for hours afterwards. It’s like having an already well-going fire and then pouring gasoline over it… you know, just in case.


And finally… unlike you, Taylor was in a do-or-die situation. If he didn’t pack on some mass, he was going to be replaced by some other actor who had a more commanding presence. I’m not exactly sure how much they paid Taylor but let me tell you something, there is NO WAY he was going to let some chump just come in and take his fame and fortune because he had slightly bigger biceps. Failure was not an option… and to make sure it wasn’t, Taylor got a personal trainer.

Remember what I talked about in Nutrition? Yeah… Jordan Yuam fed the living SHIT out of him. He didn’t really care what Taylor was doing, if he had to eat, he had to eat. Good on him, that’s what I call a dedicated guy!

A Workout To Get You Results

So there you go, now you know how and why Taylor was able to get in shape for his role. Make no mistake about it though, the kid busted his ass to put on those 30lbs, it was no cake walk. I mean it’s easy to read what I wrote and go “oh yeah that’s why it worked for him… it was because of those factors and musta been so easy. I guess it’s nice being gifted like that”.

This “sour grapes” type thinking and will get you NO WHERE. If you want similar results to Taylor, then it would be a good idea to grab my HeadStart Fitness Report. The kick ass thing about it is that it’s got a fully body blast workout and can be adapted either for fat loss or to gain some serious mass.

Since you’re reading this, I’m assuming you want mass and so the formula is simple:

Apply progressive overload to each exercise.

Change up the order after 3 weeks.

And finally, eat like a warpig that’s been deprived for food for the past year (2g protein per lbs body weight. So a 200lbs man would eat 400g protein/day). If you follow these steps, you should do pretty well. There is no reason why you can’t gain 1lbs per week. And I’m talking about muscle here!

To grab the report, scroll down below and just enter your name and email, I’ll even give you some bonus tips! (Oh and I take your privacy seriously… I hate spam, I want to punch it in the face, so you can be confident that your info safe with me)

- FitJerk

Discuss – Have you watched Twilight yet? What did you think of Taylor’s transformation?

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Turns fat asses into good looking bad asses. Also a National deadlift record holder and the undisputed flip-cup champion. If you want to train under him, Click Here to fill out an application, and he just may consider working with you.

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  1. Praverb says:

    Awesome article FitJerk

  2. Debbie Ferm says:

    I have a 12 (soon to be 13) year old son that looks about like Taylor when he was in his skinnier state. (not QUITE that 6 pack, but almost) My son complains that he’s too skinny and wants to lift weights. He’s already very athletic, but
    I think he’s still too young to benefit from weights. What’s your opinion?

    Thanks FJ. Very interesting info!

  3. - Fit Jerk - says:


    Yeah your instincts are right, he’s too young for the iron. However, he’s not too young for body-weight training. If he can get strong enough to throw his own body around with ease, he’ll have a much easier time when he does hit the weights and will see better results.

    Things like pushups, handstands, pull ups, squats, chin-ups, box jumps, lunges etc. should be his main priority.

    As for “too skinny”, tell him it’s more to do with food than weights. If he trains the way I outlined with maximum effort 4x a week and eats like a monster… he’ll be a force to be reckoned with by the time he hits senior year highschool.

  4. tra says:

    sigh. another article on twilight. no me gusta. more a fan of blade.

    still an interesting read. although i do admire his tenacity in putting on the muscle(hell he could’ve been replaced. i’d be freaked too).

    and sorry i disappointed you. more salt on the wound: hate to break it to ya, but blogging break for awhile.

  5. - Fit Jerk - says:

    Blade’s pretty bad ass too. And that’s too bad, I’m sure banana porn lovers will miss your absence.

  6. Always good stuff! I don’t want mass but I read it anyway! :-)
    Not a Twilight person but he is a good looking kid so who cares!!! I may be old but I ain’t stupid! He is a good looking kid!

    And yes, for some it is easier but that is no excuse & yes, he still he to work hard to get there.

  7. - Fit Jerk - says:

    Jody has finally admitted she likes the younger boys.

  8. Matt Lawson says:

    hey FJ, just downloaded your ebook
    Im 17, my body type is pretty much exactly like taylors, I’ve played sports my entire life, primarily soccer, and recently I quit and decided to “bulk up”
    I was wondering if its possible to reccomend a workout routine similar to taylor’s


  9. - Fit Jerk - says:

    If you grabbed the report, that’s good, now re-read the 2nd last paragraph on here. Using those tips, you can easily change the workout in the report to a “mass” routine.

    One big tip: eat a shit load of protein. 1g per lbs of body weight daily.

    • Matt Lawson says:

      Perfect sounds good.
      Although in the workout in the ebook theirs nothing about biceps or shoulder workouts to much.
      Should i just add that to a routine i do, and you stated that doing chin ups is better than curling weights ?

      • - Fit Jerk - says:

        There are shoulder workouts in there… 2 in fact. As for bicpes, yes throw in chin ups into the program and watch them suckers grow.

        You need to let go of this belief that a muscle will only grow if you isolate it… not how it works.

        I’ve seen guys with horse shoe tricpes and they’ve never bothered to do any kickbacks.

  10. cher says:

    it’s great that you put this article out there. that’s why certain things don’t work for everyone. knowing it’s for a part, most likely he won’t keep up the regimen, but hopefully maintain the hard work he’s put into it.

    jody.. you cradle robbin’ hussy!! lmao.. jk, you know i love you!!!

  11. Matt Lawson says:

    Alright hows this look
    Day 1
    Bench press- 3 sets , aiming for 5 reps heavier weight
    essentric pullups- 3 sets, 8 to 10 reps
    incline bench- 3 sets, 6-8 reps
    shoulder press- 3 sets 6-8 reps
    lateral raises- 3 sets 10 reps
    pushups 3 sets of 15 reps

    Day 2
    Lat pulldowns 3 sets 8 reps
    Rows 3 sets 8 reps
    bent over dumbell rows 3 sets 8 reps
    pullups 3 sets 8 -10 reps
    dumbell curl 3 sets 8-10 reps

    Day 3
    Squats 3 sets 6 to 8 reps
    lunges 3 sets
    tricep dips 3 sets

    Day 4

    what do you think FJ?

  12. - Fit Jerk - says:


    Few things Id personally change…

    1st, are you planning on doing that 3 consecutive days then rest on the 4th? That’s not optimal time for your CNS to recover. In fact its dumb, ditch it. Id do a workout one day, then rest, then workout. Alternation is key!

    2nd I see pullups but no chin ups. Be sure to throw those in.

    3rd Get rid of regular bench press and do decline instead, and you have incline in there which is good.

    4th Do the shoulder press while standing… works on stabilizing your core. The more muscles involved the better.

    5th replace pushups with dumbbell chest flys

    6th add some calf raises and 3 other ab exercises of your choice to day 3

    Good luck.

  13. fantasytoyou says:

    bench press over decline lawson
    bench promotes better strength

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      They both equally promote good strength but he has nothing that targets his lower pectorals, which is needed for a complete chest development. If you do incline and decline there is no need for flat unless you want to do close grip and hammer those triceps.

  14. Travis says:

    My first thought when I heard that guy was only 17 was \"whaaa??\" but hey, more power to him. Hard to pass a magazine stand these days and not see 10 different photos of the guy.

  15. - Fit Jerk - says:

    Yeah, for a 17year old, he did real good.
    So if you want to become popular, here’s the simple ass formula for success: eat a shit load of food and appear shirtless in a vampire movie. Done.

  16. fixed gear says:

    I think people are missing the most important factor. You’re talking about a young kid growing into a man. At that age 16-17, even if he lifted NO weights he probably would have put on 10 or 15 pounds anyway just “filling out” as part of growing up! I did. Don’t most boys put on some weight going from 16-17? Somebody who is already full grown at 20 years old is going to have a hell of a time putting on THIRTY pounds of muscle in such a short time. He’s also CLEARLY got phenomenal mesomorph genetics. Good luck getting a natural ectomorph to do that without force feeding that would border on cruel and unusual treatment. ;)

  17. Cass says:

    Alright so I’m 16 coming up on 17 pretty fast. I worked out on my own for a year or so and saw pretty good results, you know biceps when I flexed and a mediocre six pack. I decided to kick it up a notch and I’m in my second month of p90x and drinking a protein shake a day. Again I wanna push harder and faster.
    So what? 3 protein shakes a day and 3 meals?
    Is p90x a good program to do alongside this?
    Im 5’11 and 145.
    Id sure like to be 5’11 ad 170.
    Any help would be great! Shoot me down if this isnt gonna happen please…

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      P90X is bullshit for gaining mass…. it’s more for losing body fat and getting lean. You need a strength training program which alternates with hypertrophy. Do strength for 3 weeks then hypertrophy for 4 weeks and keep alternating. Apply progressive overload and eat a fuck load of food. It CANNOT fail.

  18. pedro caballero says:

    Dear, Fj
    Well first off fuck this fancy writing format. Umm so i read your taylor lautner article. GOOOOOOOOODDDDDD shit . Your a little like me except i just turned 15. Ive been preparing for the last few months a new plan that i think will have spectacular fucking results. But im starting to have some flaws.
    1. To maintain my metabolism burning do i HAVE to eat every two hours. Meaning i get up every two hours even at lets say midnight when im sleeping?
    2.Is it critical that i wake up and workout intensly? or even workout at all? If it is very important can i just do a series of resistance band workout and pull ups and pushups . Not weights per say
    3. Diet im 15 right so can i use any supplements like from what i hear is verrrryyyy good shit man. Or whey which im still very much growing and i hear it fucks up your growth?
    4.Can you tell me about some bulking foods. Because i mean look my goal is gain a bunch of weight by next august for football season. I have ALOT of potential for it to be great results. I mean ever since i was little my core has been fucking crazy just over the summer by doing absolutely nothing i gained an 8 pack and sick obliques and my arms got big. So im already very cut just i weigh 146 . I have about 4 % body fat i need MASS
    5. Like how do i get flexible that will be a main problem seeing that im tight as hell.
    6. What type of workout is great for glutes thighs calfs just lower body because im lacking there.
    7. And do you even recommend i do this intense shit ?
    8. This man cam gigandet his diet consisted of high protein low carbs is that safe?
    9. With school and all which i have to maintain a 4.0 and extracurriculars. how many days is it key to workout?
    10. Your the shit i hope you answer back …… And SOON

    p.s.yur the shit dude

  19. - Fit Jerk - says:

    1. It’s not just about metabolism, if you want to grow, eat every two hours. As far as sleep is concerned, you’ll have to wake up at least once for a middle-of-the-night protein shake. Suck it up princess.
    2. Of course you need intensity. And lift iron, resistance bands only do so much.
    3. Screw that shit. Half glass of red wine will give better pumps. Stick to protein, creatine monohydrate and fish oils. This might be a product I’ll review in the future though. I’ll see how it holds up.
    4. Chicken Breast, Buffalo, Lean Beef, Turkey, Ostrich, Fish, Oatmeal, Eggs, Cottage Cheese, Peanut Butter… go nuts.
    5. You stretch, for at least 5 mins a day at a constant tension while relaxing as much as possible. anything else, you’re wasting time.
    6. Every type of Squat (free weight, no fucking machines)
    7. Yes
    8. Yes low carb works. If you eat enough protein your body will convert it to carbs if needed.
    9. 3-4 days a week in one hour sessions. But never do it in a row. Rest is mandatory. Also take 1 week off after every 8 weeks.
    10. Thanks.

    • Martin Hardy says:

      I agree with everything you’ve said. Apart from your body converting protein into carbohydrates?

      All your body does in VERY VERY secluded cases is turn to protein for energy. CHO (carbs) and fats are used first.

      First and foremost, if you want to gain a substantial amount of weight, carbohydrates are absolute KEY for growth buddy. What do you think fuels your body with the energy to workout? Heck even get up in the morning! CHO are key. Not in ridiculous amounts unless you don’t care about fat gain.

      Sensible amounts. CHO should make up at least, AT LEAST, 45% of your calories per day.

      Just my two cents.

      Everything else you’ve put on these pages I think are bang on bud.

      Except that!


  20. Daniel says:

    in relation to Debbie post

    As far as I know it’s a huge myth that kids can’t lift weights.
    In fact not only there’s not a single reference in the medical literature of kids stunting their growth with weights but there are studies from Boston Children Hospital showing that kids can use weights safely already at age 8.

    For example Avery D. Faigenbaum is a sport physiologist who use free weights whith children as young as 6 years old with great results for their health and physique and without consequence (and there’s no reason to think weights should lead to negative consequence)

    The definitive proof is that when the weight load on growing bones is measured, weight training is the activity that causes the lead weight load. Soccer, gymnastic, basketball, tennis, running, jumping all cause a 20 times heavier load on the bones. This means that if kids shouldn’t lift weights they should also forbidden from running, doing anything they do in P.E and doing whatever sport.

    Also at 13 you’re already in puberty and even those who believe weights will harm kids growth, agree that as long as they’re in puberty they can naturally lift whatever they want as they would do as strong young adults in a natural setting (i.e. Paleo life?)

    The point is kids, and expecially 13 years old young adults can lift weights without any sort of negative consequence.

  21. pedro caballero says:

    Okay so i have everything i need to start my plan in two weeks but i need a little bit of help .
    So you say it would be vital 50%protein 25%fat 25%carbs
    So i’m trying to gain muscle not lose fat or gain fat just muscle .
    So would i have to do a 3500 calorie diet ? because that equal a pound or does that mean i will gain fat ?
    And so 6 meal out of lets say that how many calories per meal and lunch breakfeast and dinner being the biggest calorie ones .
    Also should i put fish oil and a muliti vitamin in it ?
    And when you workout heavy it spikes the growth hormone would that in turn spike muscle and height growth ? Dumb question maybe ?
    And how many calories and water do you think i should be taking in me being 5’10 just turned 15 146 pounds

  22. - Fit Jerk - says:


    -You can’t gain 100% lean muscle. When bulking, even the cleanest diet will put some fat on you, you can get rid of that later.
    -Forget about calories, just eat and make sure that every week you’re gaining 1lbs. Pick a day, eg. Sunday. So every Sunday when you step on the scale, you should be 1lbs heavier, if not, you aren’t eating enough. If this means you need to eat 4000 calories a day, do so.
    -Yes you can put fish oils in foods… or you can be a fucking man and just take a straight up shot and chase it with vegetable juice. Rawr!
    -Yes GH spikes after a heavy workout but it’s just a blip. Don’t worry about it, and it’s definitely not enough to help you gain height. Your post workout nutrition is more important, for details on that, considering grabbing my eBook.

  23. Mat says:

    amazing Article man
    I enjoyed it
    My new years resolution is to pack on,realistically, 15 pounds of muscle in 6 months. my current weight is 147 lbs 6’0 ft. Not the heaviest guy out there. note: Im a hardgainer
    I have some Q’s
    1.) What would be some high protien and high carb foods that I can use to reach my goal?
    2.)I enter the gym and I see so many machines that workout so many different muscle groups, which on you reccomend I should use?
    3.)Do you suggest Creatine? if so , what kind?
    4.)Should I switch from lifting with legs one day then switch to upper body next?
    5.) I plan on working out 4 days a week. m-w-fr-Su <this healthy?
    6.) I know there is different types of workouts ,what should i do. for example. I did 3 sets of 15 pushups. then 3 sets of 15 using barbbell press(20 lbs) . What type of excersises you think I should do? Im truly lost
    7.) Should I workout an hour a day? or until I cant go no more?
    8.) last question . What you think i should eat right after i workout? someone suggested I eat mcdonalds namburger becuase it has good protien , enough calories and fat.

    Your the shit man. Thanks for your time! :D

  24. - Fit Jerk - says:

    Good, glad you liked it. As for your questions, to prevent nausiating repetition, I’ll point you to the right place to questions that ive already answered.

    1. See comment #23
    2. FUCK machines. Free weights as much as possible. Certain exceptions: Smith machine, Leg Extention & Hamstring Curl stations. Other than that… not worth the effort.
    3. Yes I do suggest creatine. Kre-Alkalyn or normal monohydrate. Here is a quality creatine, easy to take and fairly inexpensive:
    4. Body split routines are good but not the end-all. Everything works once:
    5. Looks good to me. Stretch on days you dont workout.
    6. Get my damn fitness report already. It’s free! Enter email top right
    7. If you go over an hour, leave the gym.
    8. That’s a stupid idea. It’s also got MSG and processed meat. Take a protein shake with simple sugars for an insulin spike (fruit juice, dextrose, or a supplement called Vitargo… but that’s when you’re elite!)

    Good luck.

  25. Mat says:

    Thanks FJ for the response.
    I will deffinitely check out the creatine supplies. oh yeah and i got your fitness report. great stuff. good tips too. I am ditching the mcdonalds idea. Im only going to eat that Big mac for a calorie emergency not after workout.
    I was worried that the workout every other day is harsh on my body, so you think I should limit workout to m-w-f. then rest on weekends. then when i get adapt to that then you think I should go to m-w-f-s?
    You think drinking a gallon of Whole milk a day will do me good 8 grams of fat and 8 grams of protien for every cup of whole milk?(16 cups in all)
    oh and as for supplement goes im taking a protien shake you said. This is what I am taking It has 600mg of arginine, 450 mg of Glycine, and 630 mg of L-Methionine per serving(36 grams) I usually take 1 scoop in the morning and 1 scoop after workout. along with that im eating a can of tuna with some steak.mmmmm lol

  26. lmao at the forced feedings. That’s hilarious! i’m picturing it…

    The kid looks good, though! ;)

    By the way, are you the one choosing your Captcha codes?? I just got one that said “letsshag”. Seriously! I mean, seriously!! lol!

  27. Goose says:

    Please send me the report, kthanks.

  28. Yum Yucky says:

    “You ain’t gona grow son!” hahaha! There’s gotta be some fitness person’s conference where I could meet your azz in person one day. LOL!

  29. Vic Fit says:

    Fj, you are great, man, GREAT!!!!!!!! I really like your tips and your comments.
    Help me with some stuff:

    1) I’m 15 (I’ll turn 16 on august), and I’ve been working out for about a year and half. My arms and legs are strong but I still don’t have a great chest or abs( I think maybe it’s genetic, I don’t know). But my body is not that great and I wanted to know if you think I should do all this intense shit like Taylor did.

    2) Eating as much as you say we should, is’nt there a chance I’ll get overweight or have more fat in my abs area?( I don’t know, maybe it’s stupid).

    3) I should use creatine, fish oil and have a protein shake(all three of them), or use just one or two?

    4) How long should I stay with the same training session( three weeks, a month?)?

    5) As I’m 15 is there any chance that doing all this exercises will prevent me from growing( I’m 5’7″)

    6) Last but not least, should I eat more before the workout or after( should I have the protein shake in the morning, at night, or after/before the workout?) ?

    Thanks Man, you are the BEST! Believe me!

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      1. Yes you should
      2. Yes, any bulk phase will put on “some” fat… but you need to do that shit. Bulk up 10lbs heavier than the weight you want to be, then… and only then should you go into a cutting phase. The cleaner you eat during the bulk phase, the less work you’ll have to do later for burning the fat off.
      3. Use all three… and use em every day. Protein shake 2x a day
      4. 3-4 weeks. Listen to your body… if you feel like you aren’t being stimulated anymore switch sooner but it’s usually 4 for most people.
      5. I doubt it
      6. Definitely after… unless projectile vomiting is your thing, then eat a shit load before. Take 1 scoop of whey protein + 2.5g creatine before and then 2-3 scoops of whey + 2.5g creatine after + full meal 30 mins after that.

      have fun. kick some ass.

  30. Air Jordan shoes says:

    Nice blog.From your blog,I know something others that I didn’t know before. Thanks for your providing and sharing.

  31. Nick says:


    Picked up the e-book good stuff man! Thanks for making it available. I just had a quick question about the cardio. I presume his cardio was limited during his workouts ( since he gained so much in a little time). How did he incorporate cardio into his routine?

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      I don’t know much about his cardio since it wasn’t mentioned but if I were to take an awesome educated guess… Id say that he didn’t do much cardio. It wasn’t necessary for him.

  32. Toby says:

    Hey fj im 28 years old and im 6ft and 170. i weighted 145 a year ago and i ate and ate and worked hard in the gym i have the six pack and all the rest but that taylor guy is still alittle bigger than me . What should i do?

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      Do what got you results in the first place then do more. As in, add an extra 500 kcal to your daily eating habits. Also fix your nutrient ratios… 50% of what you eat in a day should be protein.

      And creatine isn’t a bad way to go either.

  33. Reid says:

    ok so im pretty big (fat i mean) Im about 6 2 and just recently decided its time to get in shape. I just turned 16. I was wondering if I should start lifting or just do cardio untill i get rid of most of my fat?

    great article btw

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      How about you do the most effective method to lose fat? Weights WITH cardio. Actually forget “cardio” because that implies running for hours and hours… which is inefficient.

      Interval running + Weight lifting (higher reps for you buddy) = maximum fat loss. Do this 4x a week.

  34. geo says:

    hi im fourteen and i m debating on taking creatine and ive been taking it for a bout a week and its working kinda well buh before tht i was using whey and it was working also , idk if i stop using creatine then i ll lose muscle please help

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      No. You are wayy to young, focus on learning how to build lean mass by eating quality foods FIRST. Then once you’re 18, you can throw in creatine to the mix and you’ll grow fast than a chia pet grows hair.

      The only supplement you should be taking right now is whey protein. Everything else should be steaks, chickens, turkeys, buffalo and ostrich meat.

      Also you should be training properly and focusing on technique. Good technique learnt at this young age will serve you for LIFE. Trust me, you don’t want to be fixing your bench press technique at 20… a bad habit is hard to break.

      But you’re 14… how much of my advice you take is up in the air. You crazy ass teenagers. Hahah.

  35. Gabriel McQueen says:

    Hey , FJ! Great stuff again dude, you rock! Now, after reading this amazing article I just have one question:

    Did Taylor Lautner actually worked out every day( 7 times a week – from monday to sunday and then again) ? Or was he just kidding? You said that as he was 17 maybe he could work out every day and have faster results, so, I’m 16 and want fast results too, should I work out every day(or at least 5 or 6 times a week) or should I keep my 4 times a week workout? Which one would bring me faster or better results?

    Thanks a lot for your time dude!

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      Yes he initially worked out 7 days a week until his trainer told him what a dumbass he was being and then switched to probably 4 days a week. You DO NOT get bigger in the gym, you need time to grow… which happens during resting/sleeping. There is a reason bodybuilders sleep 14 hours a day.

  36. Thomas says:

    Is he an ectomorph, mesomorph, or endomorph?

  37. Brandon says:

    That workout sounds pretty intense and fun. Im 16 and I dont know if i should follow this workout regimen or the complete opposite. Because I have the opposite problem he did to begin with. I am naturally kind of muscular but I have stubborn fat in my stomach and back. Is there a reason I only have fat in those two areas of my body? Should I stick with high reps or should I change to prevent plateaus?

  38. kobe says:

    What body type is he?

  39. Fitnesscrazy says:

    Hey man, as always thanks for the great advices. Now, could you answer some of my questions:

    1) How was Taylor’s cardio exercises? Did he do any cardio at all? If yes, how much?

    2) I’m 16 and started doing all this taylor lautner stuff(exercises, food, everything). I’m already seeing great results( I started thi8s 3 months ago) but wanted to loose a bit of fat. Is there a problem if I do some of the stuff you mencioned in your “The perfect start to your day (part2)”, like the running in the morning? Would this help me?

    3) Can I follow this workouts and do some cardio to loose fat as well? When is the best time to do the cardio, before or after the workouts? Or maybe in the days I don’t work out?

    4) Still about the cardio, what should be the intensity and the duration of the cardio?

    5) How many calories did Taylor eat every day? Should I eat this same amount?

    6) Shuld I eat the same amount of food on the days that I workout and on the days I rest?

    7) What exercises did Taylor do with resistance bands? Are they better than heavy weight exercises?

    8) I read an article saying that Taylor worked his abs only 3 times a week, is that correct?

    9) I also read that Taylor used to attach giant rubber band to bars and dumbbells to create more tension, is that correct? Would that be helpfull in order to grow?

    10) If you have the time, visit this page( ) to see the Taylor Lautner’s article and tell me if all that stuff is actually true or not.

    Thank you a lot for all your help answering so many questions, you are the only guy I actually trust when it comes to fitness. Keep up the good work!

  40. Steve says:

    FJ, what do you think of drop sets and super sets?

  41. Fitnesscrazy2 says:

    Hey man, as always thanks for the great advices. Now, could you answer some of my questions:

    1) How was Taylor’s cardio exercises? Did he do any cardio at all? If yes, how much?

    2) I’m 16 and started doing all this taylor lautner stuff(exercises, food, everything). I’m already seeing great results( I started thi8s 3 months ago) but wanted to loose a bit of fat. Is there a problem if I do some of the stuff you mencioned in your “The perfect start to your day (part2)”, like the running in the morning? Would this help me?

    3) Can I follow this workouts and do some cardio to loose fat as well? When is the best time to do the cardio, before or after the workouts? Or maybe in the days I don’t work out?

    4) Still about the cardio, what should be the intensity and the duration of the cardio?

    5) How many calories did Taylor eat every day? Should I eat this same amount?

    6) Shuld I eat the same amount of food on the days that I workout and on the days I rest?

    7) What exercises did Taylor do with resistance bands? Are they better than heavy weight exercises?

    I read an article saying that Taylor worked his abs only 3 times a week, is that correct?

    9) I also read that Taylor used to attach giant rubber band to bars and dumbbells to create more tension, is that correct? Would that be helpfull in order to grow?

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      1) Not sure. I doubt it
      2) You’re a beginner. Almost anything you do will work at the moment. At your age I would focus on bulking and becoming as big as possible… within reasonable limits of course. Then worry about dropping the fat. Right now, just keep lifting heavy and eating big. Beginners are at the perfect spot to put on serious mass.
      3) Most definitely on off days.
      4) Stop asking questions about cardio! Cardio is for tools. Next
      5) Don’t know, ask his trainer
      6) No. Eat more on workout days
      7) Nothing is better than pure weights. But resistance bands have their place. Here’s a good resource:
      8) Probably. You don’t need to work abs that often
      9) Probably. Changing the load curve can help improve explosive speed.

  42. Barry says:

    2 grams of protein per pound of body weight is totally unnecessary.

    Granted 1 gram per pound might not be enough but the literature seems to suggest something along the lines of 1.4 grams per pound.

    • - Fit Jerk - says:

      Depends on the person and their activity level and how much of the other macronutrients they are taking in. But yes, current studies suggest the optimum is around 2.5g per kg body weight. Which works out to slightly over 1g per lbs bodyweight.

  43. Runna says:

    The most impressive part of his body are definately abs !

  44. Daniel says:

    This is a very informative article, keep the great blogs coming!

  45. Benj says:

    In earlier comments you mention doing Chin Up’s instead of Curls etc.
    What sort of mass building exercises are there for Ab’s or are crunches, planks etc enough?
    Any help with this would be great because most of my other muscles are already reasonably bulky.
    Cheers, Benj.

  46. osama says:

    im trying to subscribe but its not working.
    when ur done working out… do u eat right after the workout or wait for 30mins?

  47. Shawn says:

    Taylor Lautner’s regimen is intense. I can’t believe he ate every 2 hours. The most I have ever done is eat every 3 hours. Does anyone have any ideas of what the optimum amount of time between meals is. I used to think 3 hours but now I’m leaning toward 2 hours.

  48. enrique arguijo says:

    what do you suggest eating to get bigger??

  49. Frankie says:

    I am 18 years old, I am 5’11, and weigh about 170 lbs, I look forward to using these tips, in order to reach my goal weight, which is 200 lbs. I just wanted to know about how many grams of protein are in a chicken thigh, steak, and chicken breast. Thank you for your time.

  50. Stefan says:

    Hey very impressed with the article im 17 years old looking to try and put on as much weight and size on as quickly as possible.I currently weigh 76 kg and i am 5’10 my fat% is just over 10%.The main problem for me is i want to get bigger but also lose the fat covering my abbs,what can i do to shift it fast.Plus i am incredibly unflexiblee what can i do to rectify this.Have to say finally a guy who knows what hes talking about.Fair play

  51. NickFury says:

    What is the best protein shake in the market? The one that you would recomend. If not a single one, what are considered the best brands?

  52. Rick persak says:

    Just wondering if I could get the workout. Thanks

  53. Parmvir says:

    just wondering if I could get the workout, thanks!

  54. Raul says:

    Just need the work out thanks

  55. jass says:

    hey man im 15 yrs old and only 115 pounds at around 5\’8. i tried to do a lot of things to gain weight/mass but its just not working? anny tips you can give me?

  56. jass says:

    ps when people say they are hardgainers thats commplete bullshit compared to me……im like a fuking ectomorph or wutver its called and being skinny in hs isnt fun especially when college recruits want to talk to you but tell you to gain weight first (i play soccer) help me out bro

  57. Frank says:

    Hi I’m frank I’ve been wanting to gain weight (muscle) for a very long time. I weigh about 120 right now and I do a lot of working out, I don’t really see much results but just a small tone up.. I wanna weigh more not look ripped and skinny. I have a very high metabolism and I do a lot of running because I run track. Go any suggestions ?

  58. Sean says:

    Thanks for tips

  59. Joey says:

    Loved the article, obviously you know what your talking about unlike people that just say dumb stuff. I have a question if you can please answer me id greatly appreciate it. im 18 years old, and i workout now (finally) and want to get big, i use to weigh 115 back when i was 16-17 years old, now i finally weigh 152 with alott of eating and working out, but how do i get my muscles bigger though? i wana get big, have bigger muscles, not like skinny guy muscles. i lift weights, and every week or 2 i add more weight, am i going to get big? cause it seems like its taking a while, if i am, how can i get bigger faster? should i do my max, and add weight from there then?! please
    thanks tho anyways :)

  60. Leong says:

    Great read! Thankyou can I have a fitness report please? :)

  61. ishtiyaq ebrahim says:

    hi. im ishtiyaq. im a 14 year old teenage boy. but i really want to build muscle. im a very thin and tall boy . i just need a good workout plan like when i should workout and what to eat and when to workout and what exercises to do and that stuff ??? please help me out :)

  62. Quinn says:

    I am extremely impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on
    your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself?
    Either way keep up the excellent quality writing, it is
    rare to see a nice blog like this one these days.

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