The Stupidly Simple Way To Get In All Your Veggies Before A Vegan Gets The Chance Juice Their WheatGrass

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Fruits and veggies

Get ALL this in one fell swoop?

Tell me if the following sounds familiar: “If you are not eating at least 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, you are seriously limiting your efforts when it comes to your well-being and weight management.”

I can bet it does, since it’s been the regurgitated mantra of every doctor, dietician and fitness GooRoo. However, annoyingly they do have a point (more on that in a second.)

But how are you supposed to get in 6-8 servings on a busy schedule when you barely have enough time to take a shower? Juicing?

Maybe, but that’s only a good option if you have time to prepare your veggies, because most machines still require you to wash/cut/prep the damn things in some way shape or form. Then there is the clean-up that you have to deal with.

Screw that!

Come to think of it, quickly cooking your veggies might actually be faster than the effort required to juice them.

But don’t fret, because there is a better way… and it literally takes less time than it does for you to take your morning dump. Keep reading and I’ll show you. But first…

Is there any truth to the statement that fruits and veggies are essential for weight loss?

Obviously! Fruits and vegetables not only provide proper nutritional support but they act as natural cleansers for your body. 

You don’t need detox kits. In fact, they are complete bullshit and do not live up to any of the claims they make. To further prove my point, The Voice Of Young Science did a little investigation(1) on numerous detox kits by contacting the companies and asking them general questions to see if they knew what the hell it is they are selling. After some rather hilarious conversations, they came up with the following conclusion…

“No one we contacted was able to provide any evidence for their claims, or give a comprehensive definition of what they meant by ‘detox’. We concluded that ‘detox’ as used in product marketing is a myth. Many of the claims about how the body works were wrong and some were even dangerous.”

The truth is that fruits and veggies alone, with adequate intake of water will help detox all the toxins that are in your body. The hard part is to avoid the ratio of ingesting crap vs. your body naturally “detoxing” itself of unwanted horribleness.

Look, fat is easy to burn away, but the build-up of gunk and other crap inside you can’t be eliminated through workouts alone. You need to take in some of that natural fiber.

So now that we’ve established how important the intake of fruits and veggies is, what do we do about that “not enough time” issue? Because honestly, you have a better chance of surviving a lighting strike than sticking to the recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables.

Fortunately, I have a little trick up my sleeve.

Before we get to that, we need to understand what they mean by one “serving”. Personally, I hate that term as it’s vague and 99% of the population has no clue on how to go about measuring it. Instead of getting tied up with too many details, a serving is usually the amount of stuff you can hold in your hand. So a large apple would be considered one serving, and so would a jumbo bell pepper.

Get 6-8 of those on a daily basis?

No thanks, I’ve got shit to do!

“…Detox Kits are bullshit. Fruit & Veggies with adequate water will help detox most toxins in your body” (Tweet This)

So what are you to do if, like me, you have no time? What do you do if you have a life and can’t prepare the required amount of servings on a daily basis?

Well you call on the supplement gods for aid.

I use something called Veggie Greens. One scoop of this stuff is equivalent to a few servings of fruits and vegetables. Then to top it off, I end up having a few pieces of fruit and veggies during the normal course of the day so more often than not, I’m hitting my required serving range.

Just remember, it’s a supplement, not a substitute… so don’t start living on the stuff. A scoop a day is ok, but not at the expense of ditching vegetables all together. But I will say that if you’re having a tough time with this whole “eating healthy” thing, it’s definitely better than nothing.

FJ’s Ultimate Veggie Smoothie

  • 1 Scoop Veggie Greens Powder
  • 1 Cup Orange Juice
  • 1/4 cup Water
  • 1 cup Fruit Yogurt
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla ice cream
FitJerk Ab Selfie

The only selfie I’ve ever taken (and will ever take.)

Obviously, due to my obsessive attention to detail in my workouts and general eating habits, I can get away with using ice cream and still look like the example of awesomeness you see to your left.

How is that possible?

Through the manipulation of carbohydrates and hormones.

More details of that method is explained in my book

But for now, if you don’t have the liberty to use ice cream, then eliminate it and increase the amount of yogurt instead.

Play around with it till you find what works best for you.


About the Author:

Turns fat asses into good looking bad asses. Also a National deadlift record holder and the undisputed flip-cup champion. If you want to train under him, Click Here to fill out an application, and he just may consider working with you.

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  1. dubiousMa says:

    You know….I hate most veggies and fruit…eh, it\’s just a pain in the ass and the skin on some of it gives me the willies (peaches…..*shivers*)…what about V8 Fusion? I actually like that…it doesn\’t taste so \"vegetably\". Any thoughts on that? The Blueberry Acai, I think it is ….that\’s pretty good stuff and they make a \"lite\" version.

  2. - Fit Jerk - says:

    You peel peaches? Might as well suck on your thumb… you’ll probably the same nutritional value outa it. It’s all about that fuzzy skin.

    As for v8 fusion, yeah I saw the ads everywhere but I haven’t personally tried it so I can’t comment on it yet. Maybe I’ll pick some up soon times. Whatever is in there though, probably beats the hell out of pop and juices from concentrate.

  3. bet says:

    I agree. Eat your fruits and vegetables. I put my email add in and your site says it is not valid. What?

  4. Dhruv says:

    Well, I am always eating fruits :)

    Can you tell me any specific diet for building abs ?


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