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It is of no surprise to most of you that I’m a huge MMA fan. Just take a look at my Twitter feed during UFC fight night or my outrageous number of references in other posts and you’ll soon know how bat shit crazy I am about it. It takes true dedication to master several arts so you can become a complete fighter… no other athlete on the planet comes close. Well, maybe Olympic gymnasts.

So when I got an email from a reader asking what I think of Dave Batista joining MMA and whether or not he’s taken steroids… I just had to turn that into a post.

First up, let’s talk about the recent surprise – the fact that he’ll be joining Strikeforce and will now pursue an “MMA career”. Personally, I think this decision is completely fucking foolish. Just because MMA is a relatively new sport in the process of blowing the fuck up globally, every chump thinks they have what it takes. The harsh reality is that they don’t! Let’s take a look at the cold hard facts here – Batista is 41 years old, 290lbs and outside of recreational martial arts has no real fight background to stand on. You don’t start your fucking MMA career at 41… you end it. Now some might say that Batista can do it because he was a WWE super-star and that makes him athletic. I agree with that, and this might make the process of picking up Jiu-Jitsu a bit easier but still… you just cannot beat raw experience.

Brock-Lesnar-UFCAlthough most UFC champs are seasoned veterans with lots of experience… there is one exception, Brock Lesnar. This guy was another WWE wrestler who came into the MMA game and just soared to the top. Personally I think it was bullshit how he got the title shot so quickly but it is what it is… Brock is the current heavyweight champ. So if one former WWE wrestler can do it, so can Batista, right?

ERR! Wrong. First of all, Brock is not only immensely more talented and athletic than Batisa, he also has a real armature wrestling background – and most critics would say that wrestling is the best background to being your MMA career in. On top of that, Brock is 33 while Batista is 41… and trust me, in the MMA game, 8 years makes a huge difference. If Brock keeps training till he’s 41, he’ll be an absolute monster and will probably retire as a Hall Of Famer.

So in short, when it comes to becoming an MMA superstar, Batista stands no chance. I hate sounding pessimistic, but reality is reality. At most, Strikeforce will use his WWE fame to draw a huge crowd for a short period of time but when it comes to making a “career” out of MMA? Ha! He needs to get a reality check. Actually, he might get one when he gets the shit beat outta him by a legit opponent.

MMA Athletes Get Tested

Which brings me to my next point – MMA athletes have to pee in a cup (drug testing for those that haven’t caught on yet). And do I think Batista took performance enhancing drugs? Uh… HELL YEAH! So how is he going to get around this? Obviously one way is time off. Being off drugs for a while and detoxing yourself will help but then you have to ask yourself, how much strength and muscle mass will he lose? Well my educated, professional guess is QUITE A BIT.

The WWE is one demanding ass environment. You have to look big, perform big and therefore recover faster than nature intended. You just cannot hope to keep this up naturally… a bit of “pharmaceutical” help is needed. Batista On Steroids

In the end though, the real world never seems to align with predictions or logic and everything I said might be absolutely bullshit. Critics and “experts” discuss and predict every MMA fight before they happen but they never go down the way you thought they would. The two strikers who were supposed to put on a stand-up battle somehow end up on the ground. The grappler who was supposed to make the kickboxer tap-out like a little bitch gets knocked the fuck out. MMA is just too unpredictable to accurately predict an outcome… which is why it is one of the worst sports to bet on.

I think it’ll be extremely interesting to see how Batista does in MMA. The cards are definitely not stacked in his favor as far as I’m concerned but you never know… plenty of men in the past have succeeded when no one thought they would. I’ll definitely be watching his first fight like hawk, you can bet on it!

– FitJerk

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  1. Suggy says:

    i don’t think he’s on steroids. whether its legit or not, wwe has a wellness policy in effect which “prohibits the non-medical use and associate abuse of prescription medications and performance-enhancing drugs, as well as the use, possession and/or distribution of illegal drugs by WWE Talent. The use of masking agents and/or diuretics to conceal or obscure the use of prohibited drugs is also prohibited.”
    If they fail: first offence = 30 day suspension, second offence = 60 day suspension and they must seek and attend rehabilitation. third offence = job termination.
    This policy has been in effect since 2006. So im not saying that he hasn’t been on steroids before or anything like that, but i think there is a good chance that at this current time he hasn’t been on steroids in a good amount of time.


  2. Amir says:

    ok i see your opinions brother and i know where your going.. but ive soo many people preach to me for soo long that i now enjoy life and have hope for everyone and pray for every people in the wwe… god wants us to be positive.. so if we be negative and say this guy has noo chance! why? we dont know about ou tommorow, we dont know the guy really well (mentally wise 4 a fight) because anyone in the world is capable of anything and anyone can be different or can turn to a pro within a month! we should stay positive and pray for every human in life and not sayy ‘ i think he will get destroyed’… ‘i want him to win’.. etc…. god laughs at us if we do these predictions cause its immature… when we all go to heaven god will explain it to us.. we should love everyone else in the world cause god wants us to cause were all brothers and sisters truly!!!!!! i know and im taking it serious, were all bros, batistas our brother, brock is etc,,, all of those ppol who ppol think their dead, their not theres an afterlife.. i dont believe in death.. so i have hope for both people that are in the octagon or whatever… BTW, batista isnt looking for a career, hes doing it for the love of his life Angie Bautista that shes got cancer and hes gonna fight like 2 – 3 times i think to raise donations for cancer look at his NEW! video that he made with his crew about this project: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHAiy_mtIwU have a good day and take care of yourself bro.. :)

  3. JJoe says:

    You sound like a retard when you write posts and swear. And whos to say 41 is to old get a few fights out to try new things in life. make a few bucks. You should like a jealous kid because you could never fight at a high lvl. Keep writing.

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