How Men’s Health 8 Hour Diet Plagiarized The Shit Out Of LeanGains

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You know, there is a good reason why fitness pros (and even “health gurus”) take jabs at fitness magazines. It’s because the content has been, and always will be boring and dull. That’s the price you have to pay as a big industry publisher when you try and appeal to every-freakin-person.

As if that weren’t bad enough, we also have magazines that now completely filled with laughable content. Almost as if professional writing and research has been out-sourced to monkeys on a leash. Actually that’s probably not too far from the truth.

But you know what? I was ok with it all.

Magazines have always given half-assed advice, but because they had such a massive audience, great trainers kept writing for them to get exposure. So you had these pages and pages of ads, hype and bullshit, but amongst the smelly internals were some real gems.

I’ve bought fitness magazines before just because of a single article written by a pro whom I think is the shit.

At least there was some originality that existed.

And at times, when they were desperate for ideas, they actually ended up innovating in the most ridiculous of ways – just to sell the next issue. Hey, more power to ‘em.

But today, one such magazine has hit an all time low. I am of course, talking about Men’s Health and their recent 8 Hour Diet announcement. [Edit: This link used to be the article explaining the diet, but due to backlash from their own readers, they took it down and replaced it with a sales page. I’ve captured some of the comments for you to see below, before MH gave ‘em the axe.]

Probably driven by the need to stay relevant and provide information that doesn’t put people to sleep, they decided to rip off a method created by someone else, then name it something related yet different (creative plagiarism) and finally, insult their own audience by assuming anyone would be too dumb to catch them.

It’s as if Men’s Health only has 2 editors left, named “copy” and “paste”.
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Well, surprise douchebags! You got caught red handed.

What Is The 8 Hour Diet?

First let me tell you what it’s not. It’s not a new or revolutionary system that they’ve come up with. Nor is it rather effective – because the system they decided to rip off had specific rules, and for good reason. What Men’s Health did was bastardize them. If you’ve read Flawless Fitness 2, then you know that the first law of fat loss is caloric restriction. In fact, this law is so paramount that if broken, nothing else will help you. If you don’t believe it, just head on over to PubMed and do some research on the vast amounts of research papers available.

The single, most accurate predictor that determines the success of any weight loss program is caloric restriction – bar none. Ignore this rule, and any fancy new “diet” has already lost a shit load of credibility.

And lo behold,  The 8 Hour diet obeys no such law and, as a result, is complete bullshit as far as I’m concerned.

Here are some of the ridiculous claims and statements they vomited out before their page got taken down:

“For the last 25 years, Men’s Health and Women’s Health have been the go-to source for the latest weight-loss, fitness, and nutrition information. Why? Because we’re in close contact with all the top doctors, and we track the groundbreaking research that can change your life” -MH

Hmm, more like track the hottest trend and then rip it off with a different name.

Never before have we seen anything as powerful as the principle behind
The 8-Hour Diet: Scientists have lately learned that by limiting our eating time to 8 hours a day, each of us can flip the genetic switch that causes our bodies to stop storing fat, and start burning it—24/7” -MH

Funny, because I wasn’t aware of such a “genetic switch”. Oh that’s right, probably because the existence of such a “switch” is about as real as the twinkling fucktard vampires from Twilight. (I know, shocking right?)

And as for those scientists they referenced?

Well, that’s not exactly what they learned. What they learned is actually the opposite – that when you fast (as in, not eat) you have a better chance of mobilizing fat for use as fuel along with a host of other hormonal advantages.

“Note: You don’t have to change what you eat. Just when you eat it.
That’s right: Make one simple fix to your eating plan—you don’t have to change even one food you’re eating now, if you don’t want to—and the lean-belly benefits are yours, along with a whole host of health, sex, and longevity boosters.” -MH

Again, incorrect. Just because you’re timing your meals differently doesn’t mean you have carte blanche to indulge in a see-food diet. And what about those health, sex and longevity boosters?

Well you get all of those from resistance training, and having hot bang sessions with your significant other (or with anyone drunk enough to have you, relaly).  Merely squeezing your feeding window down to 8 hours and eating whatever the fuck you want isn’t backed by science, nor is it as beneficial as they claim.

So, Where Did The 8 Hour Diet Really Came From?

Click over to the next page where I expose the true source of the 8 hour diet, along with the men who are the real pioneers of fasting. I’m also linking up their websites where you can find a bunch of free info that’s often better than this rip-off book.

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  1. JLM says:

    BRILLIANT ARTICLE FITJERK, This is EXACTLY why I don’t buy fitness magazines. If if not the plagiarising, its the conflicting advice, making statements that are completely false or excess adverts. I’ve benefited far more from advice on internet blogs to be honest and a couple of nutrition books I’ve read in the past. This is why I LOVE your site Fitjerk, nothing but the cold truth, no marketing bullshit.

    The editors who write this stupid magazine don’t realise that different things work for different people training/nutrition wise. We are all different.

    Or that not everyone can afford/needs to spend big bucks on excessive diet supplementation, I buy basic whey protein, creatine powder, for my pre training kick, drink strong black coffee with a little sugar, I save lots of money that way, no hydroxycut/maximuscle/Jack3D/BSN etc. for me.

    Its expensive to eat fast food, believe it or not! For the same price as an XL Burger King meal, I can DIY that meal, buying lean beef burger, a sweet potato, some rocket/spinach, swiss cheese and enjoy a coke zero/light beer too. Cheaper and more nutritious.

    On a funnier note, this ain’t me hating as I’m gay myself……I think that Mens Health has stupidly gay/homoerotic/queer undertones for a fitness mag aimed at the average heterosexual man. There is no fucking difference quite frankly between the content of MH and your average gay lifestyle magazine! LOL

  2. JB says:

    What a great article! More people need to read this!!

  3. Dawn says:

    I just read this in a Women fitness mag. I knew it looked familar.
    My question is 16/8 isn’t really different than how I normally eat.
    8/16 would be, is there any benifit? What about the list of 8 foods?
    I’m not a slug I work out daily 30 min of weight training, and I run daily at a min of 30 mins depending on the workout (hills, sprints, tempo) I average between a 8-7:30 pace. 7:15 on race days. My problem is I have the ability to pack on weight really easy. I admit to having a chocolate and red wine addiction but, I never eat processed food, white anything, I don’t drink pop or sports drinks ever, yet I carry extra fat.
    Is there any benifits to 8/16?

  4. Stephanie says:

    I just read the article in Women’s Health and then looked it up and saw your article! The WH article seemed like so much BS. Despite calling them out on this you really lower your appearance of professionalism when you write things like “wet in their panties.” Certainly you are smarter than that.

  5. Ajl says:

    Tone it down, your point is lost in your anger. In the 21st century I doubt any diet is original, they all steal from each other! So does it work? Yes it does, is it sustainable? Jury is out! Are their different and better approaches?probably.
    But what works for me, may not work for you! The diet fits an American life style ” simple”

  6. kc says:

    geez, lighten up (pun intended).

    If the idea is so great, be glad that Men’s/Women’s Health is publishing/publicizing it.

  7. mtg says:

    what exactly is your background? Are you a doctor? Do you have a R.D. degree, Are you a scientist? Science is constantly changing and we cannot play GOD like you people think you can by telling people how to eat or when to eat. There is NOOOOO 1 set of RULES for anyone. Caloric restriction is NOT the almightly answer either, that did not work for me in any way at all! Maybe you should research before you write. If this way of eating works for some then great! As far as “stealing” it goes, I think you should leave that up to the legal force or are you a lawyer also?

    • FitJerk says:

      My background? That’s clearly available on this site if you took the time to look, but what’s yours? Are you a resident MH cock rider? Because it definitely looks like you’re experiencing major butt hurt from this.

      If you actually did some fucking research, you might notice a trend – caloric restriction is the most consistent factor in successful diet/weight loss programs, bar none. So maybe the reason it doesn’t “work” for you, is because you’re too much of a moron to actually put it to work. Or you’re lazy and can’t stick to a damn thing, which sounds much more likely.

      And I should leave it up to lawyers and wait for permission to express my opinion on my own damn website? You truly are dumber than a bag of bricks. Please refrain from reproducing… if anyone with a lower IQ than yourself does make the unfortunate mistake of deciding to mate with you.

  8. DOSX says:

    Just lost 6 pounds in one week with his technique and feeling good (no sick, or dizzy)…. I’m sorry to say that my experience contradicts your opinion. I will keep you posted if I experience something bad in the next days.

    You should put someone from your team on the diet and actually record their progress before just saying that you think this is B.S….

  9. Jeff says:

    Lost 4 pounds in the first five days. I like the 11am to 7pm 8-hour window. Ate what I wanted to also. Sorry, but the diet works. And by the way, the Israelis started the whole concept of fasting, so I would say the concept of fasting, regardless of he time interval is ancient and part of the public domain.

  10. Aaron says:

    Man fit jerk, where did you get that mouth? Once someone starts tearing down others, acting like a middle school punk, everything else you say is forgotten. Grow up. Get some class. My word.

  11. Tammy says:

    I pulled up this article thinking it would provide more information about the 8-Hour Diet. I read just enough of this tripe to decide that the 8-Hour Diet is worth investigating – and your diet isn’t. If it was, it would stand on its own, without trying to capitalize off of someone else’s success. TACKY.

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